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Utah’s Tech Outcomes Show the Way Out of Nation’s Tech Shortage

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Gov. Herbert’s vision for tech education has created an environment to advance the workforce of the nation’s future, with already over 1,000 High School Students trained at adult level CS

Bottega is giving back in a big way to the community that has allowed it to experience tremendous growth. “We’ve already given more than $5 million of educational programs to high school students and teachers, and have plans to give another $5 million this summer. These programs are important to us because they directly address the needs of Utah in two critical areas, while also giving us the data we need to evolve our learning platform,” says Eric Wold, Founder and CEO of Bottega.

Wold continued: “First, they expose 1,000s of bright young people to enjoyable hands-on coding programs that get them excited about careers in technology, with more than one-third of the participants being young women. While we’d like to see that number even higher, it’s far above the national average, so we are moving in the right direction. It’s very exciting to see these young people exceed preconceived expectations as they work through adult level computer science workshops and pick up industry ready career skills.

“Second, we are targeting one of the biggest challenges that schools have struggled with, and that’s a shortage in teachers with the required Computer Science Endorsement credential. School districts can be stuck between a rock and a hard place trying to make a difference when they don’t have enough qualified teachers to offer more sections of computer science classes, and subsequently have a hard time giving the learning experience each student needs. Once the State Board of Education recognized our programs by allowing Bottega to grant the Computer Science Endorsement training to public teachers, we stepped up by offering our training free to all public teachers. To date, 119 teachers have begun training that will allow the schools to offer more classes.

“People ask why a growing start-up would prioritize giving so much to the community. My answer is that technology education can be the great equalizer that brings economic security and freedom to every home and person that wants it. Governor Herbert gave us the economic climate, and pro-business and education policies that set the stage, but the private sector has to step up and answer that call, by partnering with the state, and through serious research and development into education innovation. We can’t sit back and expect the state to do it all.”

Pro-education and technology innovation policies have been a driving force behind these nonprofit impact efforts with all of the following playing significant roles:

  • Bottega
  • Governor Herbert’s administration
  • Code to Success
  • STEM Action Center
  • Representative John Knotwell
  • The Utah Technology Council
  • Congressman John Curtis
  • Utah State Board of Education
  • Participating School Districts: Alpine, Box Elder, Cache, Canyons, Davis, Granite, Jordan, Logan, Morgan, Nebo, Ogden, Provo, Rich, Salt Lake, San Juan and Tooele

These sustainable programs will continue to grow year over year and impact more people. With community support to match the contributions, the impact could grow even faster.

Outcome highlights so far:

  • Trained 1,000+ Utah high school students in 2017-2018; another 1,000+ expected in the Summer of 2019 (in partnership with Code to Success)
  • Training 119 Utah high school teachers, enabling them to receive Computer Science endorsements
  • Training 510+ women as Software Engineers as a part of the Women in Tech initiative
  • Launched veterans training in partnership with Utah VA services
  • Launched a training partnership with the Department of Workforce Services (DWS) targeting economic-needs recipients
  • Employed hundreds of Utah residents through partnerships with 127 innovative local and national companies
  • Established a partnership with Rural Utah lead by Emery and Carbon counties. The Office of Rural Development (ORD) works with businesses in Utah’s rural counties, providing resources and programs to sustain business and improve employment opportunities.

Programs currently offered by Bottega:

  • Free summer Bootcamp programs for high schools in partnership with Code to Success
  • Free online public teacher training with support
  • Paid on-site public teacher training in partnership with Alpine, Nebo and Provo school districts
  • Adult computer science training at on-site locations in Lehi Utah, Dawson Montana, Phoenix Arizona
  • Adult computer science training online

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