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True Stories of Digital Transformation

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I am so proud of my most recent graduating class.

In just three months, this crowd went from 0 coding experience to being able to build a fully functional eCommerce Shop in two days, made possible because of their new tech skills and Agile methodology hands on experience. 10 out of 18 were hired in tech jobs BEFORE graduation.

Their domain backgrounds vary: piece-rate sewer, irrigation tech, sales, lab technician, project manager, assembly line, auto parts dealer, retail store, school principal and two 13 y/o girls! Each one now certified Full Stack Jr. Engineers.

Bottega has developed in them an engineering mentality approach to problem solving. They are now agents for this age of automation.

If you need Engineers ready to integrate into your Scrum or Kanban teams Bottega has someone that will fit your organization.

Over 100 digital transformation stories like these are being added to our student body every month!

Let’s talk about how Bottega’s AI tech platform enables people from all backgrounds to execute digital transformation for their chosen fields of expertise.

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