How important is error reading? We all know we need to do it. But when is it important to start learning how to look at an error and read what it is telling you to do.


The answer to that is now! You should be reading your errors now and learning what they say. Your errors tell you exactly what is wrong and quite often they tell you exactly how to fix them and where the error is happening. The first time I had to look through my error and see what was going on was my very first error, I had several wonderful teachers and mentors that made me read my errors right from the beginning and tell them what was wrong before they would help me find the answer, and more often then not in just having to tell them what the real issue was I was able to see exactly what I needed to do to fix it and no longer needed their help with solving my errors.


I felt like a grown up instead of a small child needing mommy or daddy to do things for me. I was another step closer to being an actual coder, all thanks to having people know the importance of teaching me how to read errors and understand what they were saying.

Reading your errors is one of the most important things you will need to do while coding. I had the “wonderful” experience of asking my mentor to help me figure out what was wrong with my code only for him to walk over look at my screen and tell me that I needed to run the migration code that the error was giving me. Literally the error was telling me exactly how to fix it! I chose to take what I thought would be the easy way out and looked very foolish in the process.

I now have a little experience under my belt and am happy to say my first step when I come across an error is to read it all the way through to see what it doesn’t like then I go about solving the issues.

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