Coding Bootcamps, What can I get out of it?

Coding bootcamps,

One of the most common questions I get from new students is, “What can I get out of the course?” “Where can I be when I have completed it”

My reply is twofold, first, “Well that it is completely up to you”.

Second, “My favorite thing about this coding course is it has no ceiling, there is a floor, but no ceiling.”

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Why no Ceiling?

Why do I say no ceiling for a coding camp like Bottega?
When people generally talk about a ceiling, at least when it is work or learning related,they are talking about not being able to go further.

Whether that be knowledge wise, position wise, or something else, it doesn’t matter.

People feel they can not progress further, they are stuck with no options available, or the ability to move said ceiling.

One of the beauties of this curriculum, is its non restrictive nature. You will cover a Ton of material, some of which you may never have seen or worked with before, and yes you are learning it in a pretty short time frame, but it does not limit your learning possibilities.


In fact it encourages experimentation, self learning, pushing your boundaries, and trying things you may never have tried before!

I often get the question, “Now that we have covered (insert topic here) what should I do with it?”, and my answer is, play with it! Build a new project just for the heck of it!

The best way to maintain and grow your new skill is  to use it!

Everyone starts somewhere and has to learn new skills to progress in any field, coding and web development are no different.

So play around! You should build projects just for practice, build more than is asked of you! Constantly try new things, even topics that are not covered in class. The more you build and practice the better you will be!

The best asset you bring to the table is yourself and a determination to put your all into doing not just the basic course work, but beyond into learning all you can about your new profession.


Why a floor?

I say a floor, because so long as you work hard and complete the coursework, you will come out of this program being able to do web development.

You will learn so many skills! You will build projects with Ruby, Rails, HTML, CSS, and Javascript just to name a few! Explore how to use Action Cable and Rails 5, for live updates!

Discover the difference between Micro Service and Monolithic applications, and how to build out a Micro Service app with Angular 2!

You will dive into a world that is constantly evolving, changing and growing. Where your skills will determine the work you do.

This is why I like to say, “We have a floor, provided you do the work you will come out of this with a solid foundation from which to grow and expand!”

The exciting thing for me however, is we have no limits to how good you can be when you finish.

Whatever your learning path for coding may be, know that you are in for a hard, exciting, and awesome ride!

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