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Focus on your business while we deliver a skilled, current and qualified workforce.

Whether your focus is to develop future talent within your code stack, or keep employees current with industry knowledge and best-practices; Bottega will provide access, tracking, and courseware for your employees.

Join the largest co-op network for verified junior development talent. Academic partners ensure this program has the Computer Science rigor you’ll never find at a coding bootcamp.

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Bottega—Not Just Another Bootcamp

Our network of multiple school & university partners all cooperate on the same training regimen and rigorous skills testing standards,
so grads are competent and ready to perform well in your workforce.

Fine Tune

With the highest dollar often calling to your employees to leave; protect your workforce with opportunity and  continued education to fortify their skills.


Instead of hiring new talent, cultivate a culture of continuous learning for your developers’ skill set with our rigorous,  up-to-date and accredited1 programs.

New-hire Success

Expedite new-hire acclimation and success with an accredited1 curriculum proven to fortify knowledge and provide necessary skills to succeed.

Hiring Opportunity

Don’t just buy talent, build your talent pool from qualified Bottega senior alumni. Find potential candidates to your specific needs before you interview, through student assessments.

The Bottega Difference

We don’t just teach languages. We instruct students how to approach development problems, successfully learn new technology and work as a team. This philosophy is why employers seek Bottega partnerships.

Valuable Partnerships

Our employment programs are dedicated to meeting our partners’ needs. No matter what the technology is, our award-winning curriculum empowers knowledge aspirants to meet the challenge.

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Seasoned Hiring Partners

We've been working with Bottega the last year and have been very impressed with what their students can do after finishing their bootcamp. They are more ambitious and capable than any other bootcamp that we have worked with.

Gary ClewsSenior Recruiter - Dash2 Group

Our recruiters at SEARCH Group Partners have been thrilled with the quality of graduates from Bottega Tech. As staffing professionals that view thousands of resumes weekly, we are continuously impressed with not only the skill set, but also the resume prep and interview skills preparation that Bottega provides their students. Candidates of this program are truly set up for success, and we have had the pleasure of placing grads with our clients all over the state of Utah.

Kat CampagnaSEARCH Group Partners

We have hired a number of Bottega graduates and found them to be extremely efficient in roles of teaching and mentoring as well as software development. With the Code to Success program supporting over 400 students per year, we found that the curriculum is robust and gives our students a strong foundation to succeed regardless of the post-secondary educational pathway they wish to pursue. I cannot speak highly enough about Bottega, their graduates, and the programs they offer, their unique and versatile approach gives all students the highest chance of success.

Megan WareProgram Manager - Code To Success

Skill-Up and Re-Skill

Machine Learning

Coming soon!

Learn how to code artificial
intelligence applications that
learn and improve automatically

Amazon DevOps

Coming Soon!

Learn how to build and
scale your applications
easily within AWS

Cyber Security

Coming Soon!

Learn the necessities to protect
networks, programs and data
from attack or unauthorized access.

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  1. Bottega is Accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission | AdvancED as a Post-Secondary non-degree granting school. AdvancED is a private accreditation body and not recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. Additionally, Bottega received CREDIT recommendation recognition through the American Council on Education to provide CS credit and transcript service through ACE. Explore the benefits of having current curriculum and receive both your industry credential and a path to college credit.