Advisory Board

We have some great minds contributing to our goal of reshaping employment based education.

Cy Tidwell


Cy Tidwell’s primary focus over the years has been helping individuals and companies grow and achieve success. Cy has personally genreated over 40 Million in revenue over the past 15 years, and is one of the few who is both left and right brained. His passion for organizational design and learning is evident in everything he accomplishes. Cy has always been an advocate for doing what’s right, even when it’s not popular and these are the types of people we love to have on our team.

Kirk Ricks


Kirk has served in leadership positions in a number of businesses and in various industries throughout his life. He has owned and operated his own businesses and participated in both the creation and purchase of other various businesses throughout his career as a CEO for a Management and Consulting Firm. His favorite part of any business has always been the tremendous people he has had the opportunity to work and become friends with. They’ve influenced him in his work, family, and spiritual life in so many positive ways. He has also been blessed to have a remarkable home team by his side as well, partnered with his beautiful wife of nearly 16 years and his four wonderful children. They inspire him to stay focused and humble, and to never forget the things that really matter in life, each other.

Diane Johnson


Diane Longhurst Johnson champions innovation, quality and accessibility in education. A professional educatior for more than 25 years, Diane, appreciates opportunities to share her knowledge of cognitive and learning science instructional practice, and technology enhanced learning tools. She is currently the Chief Executive Officer of New Charter University, an innovative, competency-based institution headquartered in Salt Lake City, UT. Prior to her current appointment Diane held the positions of Chief Academic Officer, Associated Provost of Academic Affairs, and Academic Dean at New Charter.