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We teach an intensive 12 week accredited bootcamp. Our graduates see an average increase in earning potential after graduating of greater than $20,000 per year.

Full Time Course

12 weeks
9am to 5pm + after hours
  • Class Hours: 600+
  • Daily instructor led class time
  • Attend our campus or remotely
  • Financing Available
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Part Time Online Course

6-9 months
2 to 3 hours per day
  • Class hours: 600+
  • Unlimited online TA assistance
  • Guided online learning path
  • Financing Available
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"When interviewing Bottega students & graduates, it was easy to see their preparation & understanding of development. I have been recruiting for 12 years, and I have not found many other schools that prepare their students like Bottega"

Melinda Odencrantz
Executive Recruiter
Michael HettichFull Stack - Lehi, UT

“Bottega is definitely something to get involved in. They have amazing teachers that really help you understand what to do in coding. The information is very thorough. The staff will help and work with you every way possible because they know this program is worth your time and effort for a better career. I love bottega and can't give enough great reviews about it and would recommend it to anyone.”

Levi SmithFull Stack - Lehi, UT

“What can I say.... This place offers a first class education from people with amazing amounts of knowledge. The instructors are great to work with. The transformation I have seen in myself and everyone else in my cohort has been incredible. From day one to where I am now with a little over 6 weeks left, I feel as if I have finally found something not that I can just do but something I'm ment to do. Bottega tech is amazing.”

Dan ColeyFull Stack - Lehi, UT

“Awesome program! I have learned so much since I've been here. For the tuition I paid I feel like I've gotten ten fold the knowledge! This has been a real game changer in my life and I'm glad I made the choice to come here.”

Christoph MFull Stack - Lehi, UT

“I came in not knowing anything about development. After only a short couple months the growth has been wild. The content is very easy to understand and there is alwasy an instructor to answer any questions or walk you through any issues you are having. Very fun, driven, and layed back group. We have alot of fun but do a ton of work while we are doing it.”

Alumni Profile

Lindsay Fowers

“I was teaching myself on the side but knew that I definitely needed teachers and mentors to progress the way that I wanted to.”

I like to spend my free time rock climbing, running, and camping. Before coming to Bottega I was a wholesaler for a life insurance brokerage. That career was no longer fulfilling so I started looking at other options. When a friend introduced me to web development I was instantly hooked!


Code Instructor – Mauritius, Africa

TAC (The American Campus) hired Lindsay weeks after completing her bootcamp.

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We are excited to offer financing to assist with curriculum costs. Our priority is building your future – and we have a team that will work with you to make the process as easy and seemless as possible. Call an advisor now to talk about our reasonable financing options.

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Steps towards a stronger career

01. Pre course Prep

All students start at the very beginning. Before the first day of class, you will be expected to complete the necessary prep work. This will give you context as well as a basis to build upon once you start the course curriculum.

02. Immersive Program

For 12 weeks you will live and breathe code. The full time course requires as much attention and dedication as possible. Students can expect to attend remotely from 9:00 – 5:00 Monday through Friday. This consists of teacher instruction, video content, and student interaction. There is homework assigned and projects that will be worked on throughout the curriculum.

03. Career Services

The bootcamp is just the beginning of your journey as a career developer. They best place to mature as a developer is as an employee under experienced coders. Our career services and continued advisor support will help give you the best shot at getting employed. We will work closely with you to help prepare you to compete for valuable work experiences.

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