Full Time Remote Python 3 and React Course

Attend our Full Time course remotely via video stream. Get trained on three of the most in-demand coding technologies in computer science; Python, React & JavaScript.

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Full Time

Scheduled 9am to 5pm class time but outside classwork assigned

Attend Remotely

Attend class anywhere in the world. Stream in via video conference.

12 Weeks

12 weeks of intensive online classroom instruction

Class Dates & Options

September 7, 2020

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Format: Full-Time Online
Cost: $12,000
Length of Course: 600 hours, 12 weeks
Credits: Up to 15 at participating universities

October 5, 2020


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Format: Full Time Online
Cost: $12,000
Length of Course: 600 hours, 12 weeks
Credits: Up to 15 at participating universities

December 1, 2020


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Format: Full Time Online
Cost: $12,000
Length of Course: 600 hours, 12 weeks
Credits: Up to 15 at participating universities

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Language Summaries

New to coding? Veteran Coder? Doesn’t matter. Either way this course will teach you two of the most in-demand programming languages to meet all your employer’s software development needs.

Python 3

Python is a versatile and powerful object-oriented programming language. Its easy to learn whether you’re a novice or veteran. It’s simplicity and versatility empowers programmers to create a wide variety of web development, software development and scientific applications.

React JS

React is a powerful javascript library that allows developers to create both large and small web-applications.  It handles data dynamically and aims to provide speed, simplicity, and scalability to user interfaces in applications. React JS is a trending language that is in high demand with business owners.

Course Curriculum

CS 277: Intro to Programming in Python

Introduces the fundamental concepts of computer programming. Presents the ideas, tools, structure, syntax, and design techniques for developing well-formed programs. Studies problem solving, program structure, data types, decision logic, loops, functions, input and output, and arrays. Introduces the basic ideas of classes and objects. Students will program a number of assignments that demonstrate their understanding of these concepts.

May be delivered online. Recommended for 3.0 Credits. Prerequisite: Free DevCamp PreWork

CS 384: Python Software Development

Covers advanced features of the Python programming language. Includes scripting, dynamic typing, data types (sequences, sets, mappings, files, etc.), loops, iterators, generators, functions, coroutines, classes and objects, modules, packages and scope, runtime services, data wrangling, concurrent programming, etc.

May be delivered online. Recommended for 3.0 Credits. Prerequisite: CS 277

CS 301: Front-End Foundations (JavaScript)

Covers design and development of browser-based programs with an emphasis on single-page applications. Teaches generation and modification of HTML via JavaScript, debugging techniques, communicating with web servers, and use of XML and JSON.

May be delivered online. Recommended for 3.0 Credits. Prerequisite: Free DevCamp PreWork

CS 382: Database Foundations

Introduces theory, concepts, architecture, and use of database management systems (DBMS). Presents the relational and object-oriented database models used in both local and client/server databases. Discusses the Structured Query Language (SQL), database design, normalization theory, and relational calculus relating to database management systems.

May be delivered online. Recommended for 3.0 Credits. Prerequisite: CS 277

CS 497: Advanced Web Development – React

Teaches how to design, implement, test, and debug complex web applications using both client and server side technologies. Includes web security, data markup languages, server side scripting technologies, web application interactions with databases, and web service architectures. Students will develop full business applications having sophisticated user interactions at a variety of security levels.

May be delivered online. Recommended for 3.0 Credits. Prerequisite: CS 301

Daily Schedule

Want to know what a day as a full-time remote student looks like? While every day can be a little different, below you will see what the typical day-to-day schedule looks like for our students.

9:00 AM
Sign in for class via web link
Settle in & get help from TA's or others.
9:30 AM
Start the day with thoughtful coding exercises that get you thinking the right way, as well as prepare you for the types of interview challenges you will get during your job search.
10:00 AM
Put what you learned to use on real projects.
Attend lectures to learn new concepts, then code on your assigned Sprint tasks. Depending on the day you will code.
2:00 PM
Get your hands dirty and get coding away.
5:00 PM
Class Ends
Class is over but you can stay if you need extra time.
10:00 PM
School is Closed
Please go home & spend time with your family.


How long is the full bootcamp course?

Each full-time bootcamp cohort takes 12 weeks to get through 600 hours of education and project based learning. This section completes your basic education in software engineering and qualifies you to earn your “Full Stack Web Engineer” certificate. You can do the same course part-time online in about 4-10 months.

Costs and details for Full Time Program?

At $12,000 Bottega offers the best Return on Investment* (ROI) in tech education. The program includes:

  • A supportive & immersive learning environment.
  • Accredited¹ curriculum.
  • Strong foundation in Computer Science equivalent to 15 credits toward a CS degree (Five 3-credit classes).
  • Articulation agreement with participating universities.

How do I keep learning after the bootcamp?

After graduating from the bootcamp, students are eligible to enter New Charter University (a division of Bottega, LLC) to complete an Associate Degree, Bachelor’s Degree or MBA. (see www.new.edu)2

  1. Bottega is Accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission | Cognia as a Post-Secondary non-degree granting school. Cognia is a private accreditation body and not recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. Additionally, Bottega received CREDIT recommendation recognition through the American Council on Education to provide Computer Science credit and transcript service through ACE. Explore the benefits of having current curriculum and receive both your industry credential and a path to college credit.
  2. New Charter University is accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission. The Distance Education Accrediting Commission is listed by the U.S. Department of Education as a recognized accrediting agency. The Distance Education Accrediting Commission is recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).New Charter University is a subsidiary of Bottega, LLC.